Welcome to the YourEncore Expert Network!

To enroll as an Expert with YourEncore, you will need to create a profile in our Network. To expedite the process, it will be helpful to have the following items before you begin the process. The enrollment process will take approximately 20-40 minutes.

Resume or Curriculum Vitae – You will need to email this upon completion of the application to enrollment@yourencore.com.

Marketing Summary – We ask that you provide a summary that will be used to generate interest with YourEncore Clients for potential projects. Your Marketing Summary should include:
  • Overview – In 3-5 sentences, provide a high level overview of your experiences and contributions.   Please include total years of experience.
  • Core Competencies - Bulleted list of relevant experiences, areas of competency and/or expertise (Top 5-10 in order of expertise).
Please be very detailed and specific when describing your experiences. The more information we have regarding your abilities, the greater the likelihood you will be contacted about assignments that fit your qualifications. Once you have completed the enrollment process, you will be eligible for a project with any of our Clients. We will contact you if your qualifications match a specific client need. Assignments typically range from a single day to several months of effort, with the Experts working on a part-time basis. Experts are fairly compensated and paid promptly for their efforts. YourEncore handles project definition, matching of expertise for the assignment, and all administrative details.  The period of time from enrollment until your first assignment will vary depending on the demand for your skills.

YourEncore, Inc. is a unique innovation services provider that recruits and manages a network of highly qualified technical professionals. The skills and experience of these Experts are matched with the needs of our Clients to help them achieve exceptional, innovative results.  Specifically, YourEncore seeks to enroll retired and/or highly experienced scientists, engineers, product developers, medical professionals, market research experts, quality control and assurance specialists, and business development managers. Professionals with experience in the Life Sciences, Consumer Goods, Food, Aerospace and High Tech industries are of particular value to our Clients.

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